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#renderTableWith doesn't match doc

Author:Michael Johnston
Posted:1/28/1999; 5:58:55 PM
Topic:Search Engine XML-RPC Interface
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In the documentation for #renderTableWith, it says you can use an outline or wptext as your renderer and the address of the table will be added to the pagetable.

This is exactly what I need.

Unfortunately the part of html.tenderRender that handles tableType calls the local locateRenderer to discover the location of the renderer BEFORE it checks what type of object the renderer is. Since locateRenderer throws an error on anything but a scripttype, the case statement that follows that checks the type of the renderer is pointless.

Also there's only a case there for handling wptext, none for outline (because I think it would make sense to just pass the outline-table-renderer on through the normal machinery, wouldn't it? It'd sure work nice for me if that's what happened : ))

This looks like it would be pretty easy to fix...

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