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Re: Frontier as an email client?

Author:Eric Soroos
Posted:1/28/1999; 6:30:23 PM
Topic:Frontier as an email client?
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Will you take frontier as a mail server?

I'm working on a system that runs as 2 inetd daemons (smtp inbound, and pop outbound) as well as a web interface running behind the main responder. All of the mail is stored in guest DBs,

Currently, it's in beta. It's not really behind main responder yet (at least on a non development machine) and administration is not quite there yet, but the smtp and pop has ben burned in pretty well. I've been subscribing to 4 or 5 mailing lists with it to keep a load coming in. Recently I've been indexing the mail using the search engine.

If the office isn't too big (and you're not scared of beta software), this might be what you're looking for, or at least a good start. If not, this might be a pretty good framework for doing a web interface to an external pop server. I think it would only be a day or two on my part to get a working proof of concept for that.


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