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Re: New tweaks for XML-RPC?

Author:Roberto Brega
Posted:1/29/1999; 8:16:33 AM
Topic:New tweaks for XML-RPC?
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I was one of the originator of the second request. I think that your proposed tweak is not a good thing to do. One of the most important concepts in programming language is the type safety. Java does it all around, Pascal, Modula and Oberon, too. Leaving away the basic type tag and so on, would leave the responsability to the lexical scanner of the XML file, raising some non-trivial type-safety issues.

As I emailed to Dave, non eterogeneous arrays are the most common form of an array in many programming language, i.e. ARRAY 1000 OF INTEGER. Therefore we could take the part out of the value field and into the array declaration, since it is array invariant.


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