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Use of XML Name Spaces in XML-RPC

Author:Bob Atkinson
Posted:1/29/1999; 2:12:17 PM
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As XML-RPC becomes more broadly adopted, I think it would be a good idea to become a little more formal on how it manages the XML element and attribute tags that it uses.

Undoubtedly, at some point, by some means or another, we're going to have to deal with XML-RPC request or response packets that contain XML fragments whose designs are contributed by different organizations. To give just one thought, in some extended XML-RPC we might find the need to integrate a pass-by-value object reference that uses a serializtion format whose tags and structure are defined by some outside standard.

I think that using XML Name Spaces is the right way to avoid this. Check out:

What one would do is declare that all of the element tags whose semantics are defined as part of the XML-RPC specifcation are actually in some particular name space, say (I just made it up):

An example invocation might then look like:


Not a big text change, but a significant conceptual one, since now all the tags in use are globally unambiguous.

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