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Re: Who's getting DSL?

Author:Jacob Lyles
Posted:1/29/1999; 6:38:52 PM
Topic:Who's getting DSL?
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I have started the ball rolling today to get GTE DSL (I am in the LA area). I have 2 computers; one is a PC and the other is a Macintosh. Despite what it says on their website (, the salespeople say that they do not support Macintosh.

I am hoping that I can have them install and configure for the PC and then use my Mac.

As I understand it, there are 2 installations; First, they come and install an RJ-45 jack in the wall of your house. Second, they plug the DSL modem into the jack, install the ethernet card in your computer, and configure the settings on your computer.

Is this correct? Could you tell me what kind of DSL modem they gave you and how it works (i.e. does it have an ethernet jack to go to your computer and a phone jack?). Do you have a fixed IP or dynamic IP address?

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