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Re: New tweaks for XML-RPC?

Author:Matthew Dornquast
Posted:1/29/1999; 7:53:33 PM
Topic:New tweaks for XML-RPC?
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RE>Weak typing/I find this very appealing, most of our apps only use these four types and the ones that don't could easily be converted to do so.

Excellent (feature) I sometimes need stronger typing, especially when I have large collections (Structs). Right now, we're doing some fairly advanced e-commerce with some a large struct, that has nested structs of course! The strong typing allows a 1:1 mapping of the XML Struct GRAPH to the Java Collection Graph. Wham.. It's magic. All the data is nicely organized in one object. Gotta love it.

RE>Arrays. For some reason, arrays seem to limit (some) peoples perception of multidimensional data. They stop at 2 or so. Arrays are very ANTI XML IMHO. I prefer collections of data. Collections of collections are particiularly fun. (That's why I liked Frontiers environment so much.)

For instance-- instead of multiple RPC requests, why not an RPC request that is a struct of RPC requests?

Other uses for more complex structs within a nice XML value graph:

Security collection: Containing public key, method, encoded data, etc. Compression: Large graphs of objects could be compressed/roled up for production.

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