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Re: Frontier as an email client?

Author:Eric Braswell
Posted:1/30/1999; 9:49:54 AM
Topic:Frontier as an email client?
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Also use SIMS (IMHO as good or better than EIMS). You can set SIMS to store individual emails as individual files, or in a single file. The format used is easily interpreted by Frontier (i.e. it's plain text :)

One of the things I do with Frontier on our server is have it look for new messages in a special "watched" account in the folder where SIMS stores its mail. When a new email comes in for this account, Frontier grabs it, parses it, and puts it in a Filemaker database. In this case Frontier just needs to act as an interpreter and gatekeeper.

So it strikes me that Mr. Soroos' excellent work could be leveraged to work with SIMS or EIMS with a minimum of fuss. I've been asked by a couple of users if I could offer web-based email, and so I've cause to explore this further. Hmmm....

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