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Frontier as an email client?

Author:Robert Chang
Posted:1/28/1999; 3:35:31 PM
Topic:Frontier as an email client?
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i'm a refugee from Frontier 4, back in the days when Frontier was primarily a scripting environment (we're a prepress company that uses Frontier for scripting Quark and the Mac File system - it has and continues to serve us well). Well, fate (and a new client) is bringing us back to the new Frontier, the content management system.

Our client wants us to create a virtual office for them - online. They have ambitious plans for a dynamic website, with writers/contributors scattered across the country. i know that Frontier 5 and soon 6, will be able to handle their needs for the website. However, they would also like to use a web browser for managing their email, instead of a traditional email client (like having their own Hotmail). i can think of two possible solutions: use Frontier to communicate via AppleEvents, with a traditional email client or write a client in Frontier to communicate directly with the mail server.

i was wondering if anyone has done this or is doing this or has some insight that would help me to do this. Thanks for all your help.


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