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Re: Lightweight Distributed Objects (LDO); was Re: Encodings

Author:Fredrik Lundh
Posted:1/31/1999; 2:18:42 AM
Topic:XML-RPC Spec Comments
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But giving a large number of developers a chance to get started with something that's a no-brainer works best.

When I'm writing this, it's about two weeks since I released our XML-RPC implementation for Python. Since that, I've received a considerable amount of mails from people who has put it into real work within hours from downloading the code.

XML-RPC is like HTTP/1.0 -- anyone can understand it, it can be used from all major scripting environments, and we're not even close to seeing the true limitations of the protocol.

If I were in charge, I'd suggest a moratorium: don't even discuss changes to the protocol until a certain point in the future, say six months from now. What's out there now works, so let's use it.

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