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Independent sites and membership

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/2/1999; 6:37:39 AM
Topic:Independent sites and membership
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Yesterday I did a project that I had been planning for some time, it forced a bunch of good changes for mainResponder. They're all available thru the update process, and logged on this page:


A separate virtual domain, one that isn't part of, wants to have member-based services, running on the same server as The cookie for the other service will be totally independent of the cookie for There's no way to work around this, as far as the other domain is concerned, is unreachable. The architecture of the Interet is cool, and it's annoying presence is felt deeply in the bosom of mainResponder.


OK, that's the motivation. Now the solution. If you want to have a site that requires membership, you can provide a #urls table, that links to the member logon pages. The four values that must be present are:

If you also want a discussion group, be sure to provide the URLs for the DG in this table.

I'll post an announcement of the new site in a bit. I want to do some more cleanup and documenting work. I'll also be releasing source for this app.

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