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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/2/1999; 7:04:17 AM
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I know from reading the logs that a lot of Microsoft people come thru this site. I think many of them are working on development projects. I'd like to plant a seed. If you have ideas how your work could fit in with what we're doing here, please feel free to join the flow. Microsoft has lots of products, with teams all over the place. If you want, you can send me private email, and I'll send you information on who to contact at MS.

We have an immediate need for an MSIE 5 control that makes XML-RPC available to JavaScript code running in the browser. In a new app I'm working on I don't want to even try doing a plain XML interface. It's important that code running on the client be able to connect to the server in a completely natural way. Later today UserLand's Brent Simmons will post a spec for such a control. This is one area in which Microsoft could make an immediate contribution to the deployment of XML-RPC.

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