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Author:Hannes Walln÷fer
Posted:2/3/1999; 8:12:34 AM
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Here's how to use a Java class as a COM object. (Note: This process is intended mainly for the development process, since it requires the MS Java SDK to be installed.)

javareg /register / /progid:foo.XmlRpcClient

In an ASP page you can create the object like this:

or from JScript: client = Server.CreateObject("foo.XmlRpcClient");

I guess this is slightly different for the client side.

Strings, numbers, dates and booleans should be converted automatically between Java and the script. The biggest problem will be building the argument list and compound arguments like or . The class would have to offer factory methods that returns a Java Hashtable or Vector. The script could then access these objects to add arguments.

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