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Re: A visible development process

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/3/1999; 8:21:02 AM
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MTTF must remain a mystery for a little while longer. I'll tell you this much about it. It has an HTML interface, an XML interface and an XML-RPC interface. It's not a huge app, but it's useful. It's the kind of thing you might run as a service on an Intranet supporting a workgroup, or it might even connect into a scheduling or a project management application thru the XML-RPC interface. I think the XML interface will turn out to be vestigial, like the one we have for the DG.

All that's interesting about the application is that it serves as a test case for the client software Canter and Shinpaugh are working on. They have this small mountain of JavaScript object classes that make a browser a higher level environment. I challenged Marc to let the world steal some of his ideas, and then he asked me to put up a server, and it'll be running soon.

That's where we're at now. I will tell you more as we go along.

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