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Author:Dongyan Wang
Posted:2/5/1999; 3:00:48 PM
Topic:Help please: XML RPC, CGI, CORBA/IIOP
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. I found this in the RPC Debugger page: The XML text is sent to a script running on It sends the call to the server indicated here: Port:80 Ken MacLeod is running a Perl server at, port 8000. 4/14/98.

1. Anybody knows which language is used to develop the server on Is it also perl? 2. Can I use c++ or Java to develop the server instead of perl? How can I call them through a xml message without using CGI. (this is my major concern). To make a more clear, for example:

I have a XML message which contains remote procedure name and parameters, after a XML parser on the server side, we get the name and parameters. Suppose the procedure is implemented by C++ or Java on server side, how can I call this procedure from the point after the XML parser(where procedure name and parameters are already available)? (CGI is not allowed to use) Help please!!!

3. Anybody have some idea to use XML with CORBA/IIOP, anybody see some advantage of this method?

Thanks a lot.

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