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Author:David Shinpaugh
Posted:2/5/1999; 2:49:18 PM
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We are having a problem using Microsoft's new IXML-HTTP Request object in IE Beta 5 build 1309 and Frontier XML-RPC handlers.

What's happening is we are getting Permission Denied errors when using the open method in many scenarios.

The funny thing is on some scenarios it works perfectly.

I say scenarios because there's not much ryhme or reason to why it works, but we suspect it's IE's security settings differing from machine to machine.

On my Win98 machine: Works perfect from a folder, but not from my local web server, intranet web server, or server on the internet. On another intranet machine with Win98: Fails from a folder, but works from local web server, intranet web server, or server on the internet.

NT4 yields similar results, some scenarios work, some (maybe I should say most) don't work.

Playing with security settings yields moderate results like all of sudden it'll run OK ONCE, then fails ever after.

Of course even if it worked perfectly, tweaking security isn't the answer, as it should work with default security settings.

Does anyone know what we're doing wrong with the control to make it act like this? Microsoft???

Here's how you can check it out for yourself:

You must be running IE5 Beta 2

Surf to

Click Get Number of Messages

Should respond with a number > 0 or null that's OK.

Otherwise you'll get error on line 50 Permission Denied.

Try copying it to your desktop and running it local.

You can also check out the messages, and add your own by going to and logging in as the password is DUPIFDSCYJKV and if you want to see the mail the Yahoo Mail password is xmltester.

Thank you for in advance for any light you can shed!


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