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The New Web Order: searching for keywords

Author:David Theige
Posted:2/8/1999; 1:02:59 PM
Topic:InfoWorld: The New Web Order
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Indexing keywords I'd like to insert keywords into my web page objects in Frontier and have these keywords indexed by the search engine, but *not* necessarily rendered on the web page. (Can anyone suggest a way to do this?) For example, today this item appears on Scripting News: CNN: White House responds to Byrd comments. Now I wonder why CNN missed the scoop they got, as reported in DaveNet last week. I think it would be cool if the editor could insert a keyword, for example "Clinton" into the web page object so that if someone did a search of Scripting News for "Clinton" this item would turn up. You could even have links to pre-configured searches for specified keywords as another (automated) means of site organization. You could have a table of contents page with an item, "Clinton", linked to The site editor wouldn't need to manually update this page everytime another item about Clinton was added to the site, but would be able to control which items showed up on that page by using the keyword feature.

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