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Re: Getting Started Guide to Frontier

Author:Brian V. Hughes
Posted:2/8/1999; 7:43:12 PM
Topic:Getting Started Guide to Frontier
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Brent, It seems to print pretty well from my Mac, Navigator 4.08, Apple LaserWriter 12/600. There's some banding in the Windows-based GIF images, but this is largely a GIF thing, not a printing thing. Everything seemed pretty readable, although it would be nice if there wasn't such a Windows "bias" in the presentation. Sort of makes us Mac users feel like we're just along for the ride. All of the important graphics are Windows-based. Not that I'm knocking the cross-platform aspect of the Docs, I think that's very important. It's also one of the things that helps me promote Frontier here at Dartmouth. I guess it just seems like UserLand is trying to ignore or marginalize the MacOS roots (pardon the pun ;) of Frontier, IMO. Anyway, that really doesn't have anyting to do with the current topic of discussion... I think it looks pretty good. All 45 pages of it. ;-> -Hades

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