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Getting Started Guide to Frontier

Author:Brent Simmons
Posted:2/8/1999; 12:32:05 PM
Topic:Getting Started Guide to Frontier
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I've been working on a print friendly guide to Frontier to include with the Frontier 6 distribution rather than the current website tutorial.

The idea is: there's one big page, with a very plain template, that you can print out by loading in your web browser and choosing the Print command.

Or you can read it on your laptop on the train, no net connection required.

It's a big page, so it's slow to load on the web -- the idea is it would be on your hard drive, part of the Frontier distribution, so load time is not an issue. (Once it's loaded, navigation is super-fast, as it's all done with anchors.)

The guide is geared toward website building, the core feature of Frontier. Website competency is a necessary foundation for almost everything else in Frontier, including using mainResponder, so building websites is what this is about.

It contains (will contain) a website tutorial, a section on writing with Frontier's outliner, a scripting tutorial (geared toward writing macros, outline renderers, other website scripts), and an Appendix which contains reference material, such as descriptions of Frontier's menus.

Not all of the material is in there yet -- I'm busy updating and getting in there existing material. There is a little new content to write.

I'm not interested in having typos and similar pointed out. I know that much of the material is not in there yet. Some of the language needs editing. Since this is pre-rough-draft, you can assume I know about all that.

What I'd like is for some one or several people to print out the page and let me know how it prints. If I need to make changes in this regard, I'd rather make them early rather than later.

Here's the current version:

I'll be updating the page periodically today and tonight as it progresses.

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