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Re: Cool Uses For MTTF

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/9/1999; 6:26:58 AM
Topic:A new toy!
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Cameron, glad you like MTTF.

The mail list feature could be implemented, mostly without my involvement, if we got an independent Frontier developer to work with you, you could get a mail list up to the server, and I could add a simple way to reference a mail list in the "To" part of a MTTF message.

We just need to find someone to work with you. For background, see the message I posted yesterday about the XML-RPC interface. You could do your side of the work with the Trial version of Frontier. Keep the list in a Frontier outline. Add a menu command to upload it to the MTTF server. The key technical info is here:$2757

Once Cameron has his mail list in his member record, I'd make it so that if the To portion of the message is "myMailList" then it would use the mail list (assuming you called it myMailList).

The serverside storage structure is actually very open. Open to creativity.

BTW, if this became part of your production process we'd ask you to become a commercial licensee. Either that, or you could get AppleScript to talk XML-RPC and use SimpleText to keep your list. Or use Python or Perl or Java. Those are all interesting ideas, and quite do-able.

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