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Re: Cool Uses For MTTF

Author:Jason Gerry
Posted:2/10/1999; 9:39:23 AM
Topic:A new toy!
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Here's an easy thing to do with MTTF: If you, like me, sometimes want to 'call in sick' to work, or if you work at home some days and need to let people know this... Set up MTTF to mail your boss at, say, 7:30 in the AM with "Hey, I'm working at home today. And I'm up early!" Then sleep in until 10:00.

Or, if you know you're going out partying the night before, set up MTTF to mail work in the morning, saying you're not feeling well. You can be sleeping it off instead of calling into work!

I'm not advocating lying, but if you have a boss like mine, who wants you working at 8:30 am... It can help! MTTF can't stop the pages and phone calls, but hey, it's a start.


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