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Re: Two Cheers for Outliners

Author:Bernie DeKoven
Posted:2/9/1999; 10:29:50 AM
Topic:Two Cheers for Outliners
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You betcha!

In my model, the technographer acts as a co-facilitator. The more the technographer understands about group process the more effectively s/he is able to employ outline processing as a facilitative tool. What makes the outline such a powerful tool, in the hands of a technographer, is that the technographer uses it to facilitate collaboration, to maintain focus, to engage the individual and collective. That's why, for example, collapse is so cool. It allows the technographer to re-focus the collective on the highest level.

What you saw at BMUG is not what I'd actually call technography. You saw electronic recording. Certainly an important component of technography. But technography is a facilitative process, not just a recording process. It requires buy-in. Demands it, actually. At least in my model, it does.

This is why technography requires training in both technology and social process.

What's exciting about our technographic journey in Frontierland is that it will allow us to do facilitation on-line! Once the tools are in place, the techniques will follow.

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