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Re: XML-RPC Spec Update

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/10/1999; 6:44:07 AM
Topic:XML-RPC Spec Update
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This is why we put this stuff up for comment.

But please, comments like: "Oh well, guess we can use Corba instead" are somehow not professional and are hard to respond to. I'm not going to respond in-kind, instead I'm going to ask you to explain why the type tags are important to you (they work well in Frontier too) and how you'd like to see them evolve. They originally came from the XML-DATA spec, not sure where that one is at right now, and others feel strongly that the type tags ought to be finished or abandoned.

We're lucky that we have a 1.0 spec already deployed, now there's so much interest in XML-RPC (that's good!) but if we did everything everyone wanted it would become Yet-Another-Impossible-To-Implement-Spec (YAITIS).

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