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Re: XML-RPC vs. Corba

Author:Fredrik Lundh
Posted:2/10/1999; 7:21:52 AM
Topic:XML-RPC Spec Update
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With the current design, there's usually no need to add explicit type information to the server and client ends; you can simply rely on Python's strong dynamic typing system to do the right thing. No need to add custom proxies or type conversion layers; the standard interface just works right out of the box!

But if you drop the type info from the wire protocol, you suddenly have to add type maps to the server and client ends to get things working. That's also true for the various Corba implementations available to Python folks, like ILU and Fnorb, and these protocols give you other advantages over XML-RPC.

So if you're doing something that initially seems to be Python-to-Python only, it's about as easy to use Corba instead. And my spontaneous reaction is that would be a bad thing...

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