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WebDAV, the DG, Dreamweaver, Golive

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/10/1999; 8:53:47 AM
Topic:WebDAV, the DG, Dreamweaver, Golive
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Posted to the Script-Meridian community list as part of a thread on the differences between Dreamweaver and Frontier.

Let me chime in here with my two cents.

I think the key is to put some features into Frontier that make it clear how people on a team using Dreamweaver or Golive can get their stuff integrated into a Frontier-managed site. That would create a web page somewhere that we could point to that says "Here's how you work with wizzy DHTML design tools and our server-side content management system."

It seems to me that the glue that could connect us is WebDAV. I've been putting in an hour or so a day for the last week or so reading the WebDAV spec. I think I have a clue at this point how that would work. I'm interested in knowing if there are any powerscripters that would like to work on a project to get Frontier 6 minimally DAVable. I say minimally because I don't believe DAV can ever work with the full Frontier functionality. Its model is fundamentally different from ours. I realized that when I saw Wes's implementation about a year ago. To think of the odb as a space that can be DAV'd into is unrealistic. It explodes into more code than we've written in the last four years. Not something we want to do.

However, here's the key idea -- we have a simplified content space in Frontier 6, believe it or not (this takes some getting used to) the discussion group is the collaborative backbone for web development in Frontier 6. A simple DAV interface into and out of the DG would be magic for template designers working in Dreamweaver and Golive. I know that DW is going to support DAV, and they'd be nuts not to suppot DAV in Golive, it's perfect for them.

What's needed is a working group, like the one for Regex or ODBC, to swarm on the DAV spec and figure out how to hook it into mainResponder.respond. I am willing to work with this group, but only so far as to hook the implementation into our server software. We need a leader here, someone who thinks this is neat and who understands the problem at a technical level and can work with Golive and Dreamweaver users, and perhaps Adobe and Macromedia and certainly with UserLand. Is anyone up for a research project here?

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