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XML for weblogs

Author:Jorn Barger
Posted:2/11/1999; 9:17:32 AM
Topic:XML for weblogs
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Bill Humphries has posted a first go at a DTD for weblogs (aka news pages).

I'm an XML skeptic, but am willing to be proved wrong. What worries me is that structural definitions not interfere with stylistic freedom [see arguments].

I think the main thing that structural tags for weblogs should offer is a graded series of descriptions, from the shortest to the longest. This will give other logs the flexibility to prioritise which logs they value at which level. (So one site might collate the shortest descriptions from dozens of logs, while another might include one or two others 'in full'.)

A tag for pullquotes is also necessary, and probably it should support multiple (discontinuous) quotes from the same article.

Something like "formatting caveats" (multipage, heavy graphics, java) would also help.

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