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Re: Rendering to PDF

Author:Michael Myers
Posted:2/15/1999; 2:37:29 PM
Topic:Rendering to PDF
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Have you seen HTMLDoc? Both GUI and scriptable (unix and windows versions, not yet on mac).

I don't know if this will suffice for generating the quality you need to output a thesis, but at least it's free. It takes HTML and generates either postscript or PDF. So you would have to go XML -> HTML -> PDF.

Scriptable on Windows via command line options. You can create the proper HTML source file with Frontier, then tell HTMLDoc to process the file. I did something similar to create PostScript files that could be sent directly to a networked printer.

HTMLDoc is slowly getting better, and knowledge of CSS is coming.

I think Leonard Rosenthol is also working on a scripting dictionary for the Mac binary.

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