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RPC-based previewing

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/18/1999; 4:17:34 AM
Topic:RPC-based previewing
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I'm working on a new application called console.root. It's a single-user website. It runs on my desktop behind a #security script.

In this environment, even though all the rendering happens on the desktop machine, you still need to communicate with the server, so I use XML-RPC to do the connection.

For example, I have a call that returns me today's message as an XML-RPC . That's

All the items in are for support of news.root. I still have to write docs about how news.root sites work.

Anyway, I just got something working that you can try on your machine, it works in Frontier 5.1 or greater, probably in the Trial version too:

local (server = "", port = 80, procedurename = "");
local (params = {"scriptingNews"});
webbrowser.displaytext (betty.rpc.client (server, port, procedurename, @params))

Try it out in your Quick Script window. I'm sure you can see how this functionality fits into a site editor's console. I'll write some more about this of course, and the code is available thru the GDB/Update command.

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