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Re: domains vs doctree in mainresponder

Author:Andrew Duncan
Posted:2/18/1999; 4:05:02 AM
Topic:domains vs doctree in mainresponder
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There seems to be a semantic disconnect here. I checked this in O'Reilly's "DNS and Bind", and according to the book, is an alias of a *host* in the domain (

An example of a host in a subdomain would be Here "accounts" is the subdomain, "money" is the host.

I agree with Dave that aliases take effect immediately, but that's because they don't require a reverse DNS entry, since the reverse of an alias is the reverse of the original host.

But if you are using subdomains, then this could well be problem, as Kurt suggests. I agree with Kurt that the previous doctree structure was elegant, but whether it's workable in the context of mainResponder is another question.

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