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Re: HTML editor for IE4 Win

Author:Michael Myers
Posted:2/18/1999; 2:29:13 PM
Topic:RPC-based previewing
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DW said:

I wonder if Microsoft Word can become the text editor in the browser? Seems like it should, with Microsoft evangelizing ActiveX so heavy for the last few years. I'm ready. Blow my mind. I'll use anything but this POS.

In the February issue of Microsoft Internet Developer, there is article by Aaron Skonnard on the DHTML Editing Component. Here are some paraphrased excerpts:

The DHTML Editing Component allows any Windows application to integrate a WYSIWIG DHTML Editor. It has all the basic text formatting, plus text-searching, unlimited undo/redo, and table editing. You can position objects anywhere on the page via drag and drop. You have full access to the DOM.

The control comes in two forms: a COM-based object API and an ActiveX Control. The former for low level control (C/C++ application), the latter for VisualBasic/J++/C++ (not sure about JavaScript). A special "safe script" version can be used in MSIE implementations.

You can get the SDK from:

BTW, the HTML viewing component for MSIE can also be called as an ActiveX component. This would be a mechanism for building dialogs in Frontier -- but only for windows users with MSIE components installed!

PS. I do not work for Microsoft.

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