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Re: Welcome to the world I've been fighting with for 5 years

Author:Dori Smith
Posted:3/4/1999; 8:59:23 PM
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It's interesting... after this long, I've started thinking about net access the way I think about electricity. When I flick the switch, the lights turn on. When I click on a link, I go there. This is making me think about what's going on behind the scenes for the first time in a long time...

- can you tell what's coming from where? We know these folks use extensive caching technology, I'm especially interested in "are they caching just popular web sites, or video/audio as well?"

MediaOne works with the browser's proxy server settings. You don't have to use their caching scheme; I prefer not to. So I don't have any experience with what's cached. Things are plenty fast enough without it.

- has MP3 changed any of this?

Don't know.

- have you ever experienced MPEG-1 video - full screen, full motion (30 fps) video through your system?

30 fps? No. Or should I say, not yet ?

- what satnds out as being blisterly fast - versus just faster?

FTP. For instance, if I go to get OS 8.6 off the Apple developer sites, it kicks butt. The *big* software downloads are no big deal. Getting 120-150k/sec. is ordinary.

- is there any 'custom' content your provider provides?

- is there a 'broadband' portal that comes along with your service?

Yes, at Tonight's probably the first time I've ever even looked at it.

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