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Author:Don Hopkins
Posted:3/4/1999; 7:56:41 PM
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CPUs are much faster, but the network will always be too slow. I'm still arguing that it's better to have a programmable interpreter in the front end (like a web browser with plug-in scripting languages that can access the dhtml object model), than to make XML/RPC wrappers around the widgets of some particular toolkit.

XML/RPC isn't good for customizing user interface components, implementation inheritence, writing local event handlers, tracking the mouse, providing visual feedback, implementing direct manipulation, or any of the other things you can easily do in dhtml and your choice of scripting language.

Not that there's anything wrong with XML/RPC (that's not also wrong with CORBA and DCOM), but trying to use it to implement another X-Windows disaster is a bad idea.


The following is from

The 7 Fallacies of Distributed Computing

By Peter Deutsch

Essentially everyone, when the first build a distributed application, makes the following 7 assumptions. All prove to be false in the long run and all cause BIG trouble and PAINFUL learning experiences.

1. The network is reliable.

2. Latency is zero.

3. Bandwidth is infinite.

4. The network is secure.

5. Topology doesn't change.

6. There is one administrator.

7. Transport cost is zero.

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