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Re: Why MacOS X Server?

Author:Dave Aiello
Posted:3/11/1999; 9:04:20 AM
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I think movement toward a UNIX base with a consistant Mac GUI is one of the savvier moves that Apple could have made in the server space. In many respects NextStep / OpenStep was way ahead of its time, and I say this from the perspective of a passive observer of NeXT and a long-time fan of the Mac as a desktop computer.

I don't think Linux bore any resemblance to what it is today when Apple started putting together OS X. Hopefully, the compatibility boxes and the UI will co-exist well with Linux someday.

If I were Apple, I would come out with a robust, free implementation of the MacOS look and feel for KDE and Gnome. Many Slashdot fans would dismiss it, but think of the media attention and other benefits. (I'll admit, I haven't thought about the implications of the licenses associated with KDE and Gnome.)

The ultimate irony would be to position Macintosh as a desktop computer for people working in truly open computing environments. Of course, you have to subscribe to the notion that UNIX has huge advantages over anything else as a server OS, and that client OS doesn't matter. But, I think many Web developers have gotten there already.

Dave Aiello

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