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Re: RSS File Tester

Author:Dan Lyke
Posted:3/18/1999; 10:15:42 AM
Topic:Problems registering?
Msg #:4239 (In response to 4237)
Prev/Next:4238 / 4240 says: "You can include up to 15 headlines (items) in your RSS 0.9 file", and this morning when I tried to add one with 17 headlines MyNetscape complained.

Apparently my thinking your system truncated was a goof on my part caused by mirror latency, 'cause I went and re-checked everything and apparently my failures were caused by the mirror on my remote server having an older version than the current one. So now I'm waiting on the final channel-added confirmation email.

Anyway, is the file (which no longer has 17 entries), this weekend I'll try to whip together a "My Flutterby" incorporating RSS files from other sites just for giggles.

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