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Re: Browser as two-way environment...

Author:Andrew Wooldridge
Posted:3/18/1999; 12:34:30 PM
Topic:Browser as two-way environment...
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Actually you will be able to do that in Nav 5.0 - there is a component called "Ender" (from Ender's War a sci-fi novel) which is basically an embeddable composer widget.

So for instance you could create a web form that asks for a web page in a "field" and you will be able to create a styled page in that field - add tables, colors, links etc just like it was a regular web page - then the HTML is submitted in the form.

Also I think that even now in Nav 5.0 you can take "any" page - select "edit mode" and now that page is immediately editable! If someone combines this with webDAV this will be very powerful.

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