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Re: Why Apple compare Apache on OS X with IIS on NT

Author:Lixian B. Chiu
Posted:3/19/1999; 9:19:55 AM
Topic:Why Apple compare Apache on OS X with IIS on NT
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If Apple did what you say, I believe it will eventually disappear from our planet. One of Apple's main problem, which has been said by many many people is its inability to get new users (another one is to keep existing users or ex-users to continue using the Mac, which they seem to be fixing with the iMac and the new G3).

It looks like that Apple is trying to grow its market share on the internet server market. Now, ask yourself, if you are currently using a NT box or a UNIX box as your web server, operating a growing web site, would you have any incentive to go back to the "classic" Mac OS?

>Because they didn't have the developer of WebTen on stage, but they did have >the developer of Apache on stage. Out with the old in with the new.

You don't like the concept of the OS X Server because you think it causes discontinuity (both to the users and the developers). The fact is, it doesn't! Apple is STILL making OS 8, still improving it, and has publicly say that it will smoothly move it to OS X (not OS X server). But, that "smooth" word also means "time". Is there a way to push up the performance of the Mac OS to appeal to those UNIX or NT customers/potential customers? Maybe, but look at how many years it takes for Microsoft to merge NT and Win 9x, it still hasn't been done!

If Apple played down the role of the "classic" Mac OS, I would agree with you. But it is not doing that. It's very clear that they are positioning the OS X Server on the "server" market. And it seems that almost everyone gets this message.

>I have three systems running WebSTAR here. I can't even begin to think about >replacing those systems with Apache. $4999 doesn't begin to express the costs. >What would I convert the CGIs to?

Did they force you to do that? No! Did they say OS 8.x will be discontinued tomorrow, so you'd better move to OS X Server? Did they say OS 8.x will never be upgraded and improved from now on? NO! So, why would you want to replace your gear if it's doing a fine job for you?

Apple has made it very clear that OS X Server is not for the fainted-heart. It's for technical-savvy users who wants to go beyond the current performance of the "classic" Mac OS, but would like to stick with Apple's friendly user interface.

>Build hardware and system software around those products

Now, think about that. You love your NT box and think it's great. But, do you remember the days when NT first come out, it couldn't run Windows apps. Did Microsoft build NT around those products? No, because MS's trying to grow its user base on the servers market. If they didn't make the jump and rely on smoothly improving Win 9x (or Win 3.x), what would you have today? Windows 98, at best.

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