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Why Apple compare Apache on OS X with IIS on NT

Author:Lixian B. Chiu
Posted:3/18/1999; 7:19:37 AM
Topic:Why Apple compare Apache on OS X with IIS on NT
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> Another interesting question that wasn't picked up by any press (correct me, > please, if this is wrong) is that Apple chose to compare Mac OS > X Server to > Apache running on NT, instead of IIS on NT. There's only one obvious > explanation, yet no one raised the question.

Why? It's because Apple was releasing an OS, not a webserver! If they compare OS X running Apache against NT running IIS, I bet there would be thousands of complaints saying Apple didn't comparing the OS fairly because the 2 OS were not using the same webserver. To be fair to OS X, and NT, they must use the same webserver.

If IIS on NT really runs faster than Apache on OS X, does it mean that OS X is not faster than NT on hosting a webserver? No, it only means that, as you suggested, IIS is highly optimized! But there is nothing can stop another company to write a highly optimized webserver for OS X.

On the other hand, is comparing Apache on both platform really that fair? No, of course, because even though the Apache severs shared almost the same code, there are still differences on optimization. And, in many cases, it's not unreasonable to assume that the OS X server version is less optimized since the NT version has been around for a longer time.


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