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Re: Why Apple compare Apache on OS X with IIS on NT

Author:Chuck Shotton
Posted:3/19/1999; 11:48:23 AM
Topic:Why Apple compare Apache on OS X with IIS on NT
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What does Apple need to do to make you feel that your products are welcome on Mac OS X Server?

Show me a compelling business reason why I should sink thousands of dollars into creating products for yet another Apple-branded Unix variant that will have the life span of a fruit fly.

OS X Server runs on only a handful of existing Macs out of the total number in the marketplace. It costs significantly more money than the essentially free O/S they ship with every Mac. It is an unproven platform in the commercial market. It is an unknown to all but the most "special" of Apple developers, because they have kept releases out of the hands of mainstream developers and even now are charging most for the privilege of developing on it. It doesn't have a complete set of mature, well-know development tools that work with existing source code bases (read that, no CodeWarrior). Blah blah blah.

I can go on with a litany of things that they'd need to correct in order for me to pop even the tiniest of chubbies for this O/S. Suffice it to say that if 3 years from now the platform is still around and is installed on more than 100,000 machines outside of academia, I'd consider writing code for it. Otherwise, it's just another micro-O/S with a micro-market that can't justify the development costs of mass market software.

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