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Updated whoIs.root

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/21/1999; 8:53:00 AM
Topic:Updated whoIs.root
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For Frontier 6 users, the bravest folk on the planet.

We updated whois.root last week.

It's the source code for

Now you can download the new version. (Mac users remember to set the file type to TABL and creator to LAND.)

It's a good example of how to get a username and a password from a user with less fuss than the method we use in

And it's a good storage manager, you can delete items now too.

Hint, this could easily be turned into a network-based bookmark manager for people on an Intranet.

Or a global glossary interface.

For those at home, here's the main script for the whois app.

This is turning into a pretty complete post-modern network app.

Heard in the corridor, From the Mind of Dave.

Soooon to be a Smithsonian Exhibit. ;->

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