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Re: Workgroup ToDo lists

Author:Bernie DeKoven
Posted:3/21/1999; 11:11:11 AM
Topic:Workgroup ToDo lists
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The thing to remember about technography-supported meetings is that the outline is dynamic. Generally, action items come up during the process of a conversation. When that happens, if there is not already such a heading, we make an action item heading and list action items as they are generated. Later, we might move those action items to a people list or to a time list. Some times, we put people's initials in front of each action item "BD write article for discussion group about dynamic outlines" and then sort the list so that we can tell what each person has to do. And then get agreement. And then maybe make new headers for each person.

And, yeah, OK, I'll write something about dynamic outlines and post it later. I promise.

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