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For Review: Frontier Getting Started Guide

Author:Brent Simmons
Posted:3/25/1999; 6:23:18 PM
Topic:For Review: Frontier Getting Started Guide
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Frontier 6 will be accompanied with getting started tutorials for website building and scripting.

This guide is one long page, with a very plain template, to make it easy to print from a browser.


Since it is one long page, you can download the current version rather than read it on-line. This is recommended unless you have a fast connection.

Or you can read it on-line:

What we're looking for

First question: does it print well?

After that, we want to find errors in logic, typos, unclear passages, mis-spellings, and so on. It should be possible to do the tutorials from start to finish without running into problems. All the basics should be covered -- if there's anything crucial left out, now's the time to find out.


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