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I Love the Internet!

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/28/1999; 8:09:52 AM
Topic:I Love the Internet!
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Step by step..

  1. SlashDot.Org supports a simple syndication format they call ultramode.

  2. We wrote software that reads this format, brings the content into a Frontier guest database and renders it thru a simple script, resulting in SlashDot.UserLand.Com.

  3. We get in the loop with Netscape's RSS format, so we're in position to syndicate any content that flows thru Netscape's service, resulting in My.UserLand.Com.

  4. This morning I wrote a script that renders the SlashDot content as RSS, much as we do for Scripting News. Here's the RSS request.

  5. I submitted this link to My.UserLand.Com, resulting in something that's cool beyond belief. SlashDot.Org is now a channel. Ain't that something?

I love the Internet!

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