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Re: How are we doing?

Posted:4/6/1999; 12:46:12 PM
Topic:How are we doing?
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Well, I'm still locked out of upgrading Frontier because of the cost of licensing... I really don't need content management system software to run on a webserver I don't have. I would never buy StoryServer or Dynabase because that's not what I need to do. I just want to be able to build web sites. Which means $899 for a Frontier license. $299 I would pay - but then I could only use if for personal uses. I really need a Frontier Lite - I just want to render pages, use templates, the glossary, etc... I'm still using the last freely available version of Frontier, and it looks like I will until it breaks, or I switch to something else that's more affordable and less restrictive...

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