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objectMove to a guest db

Author:Keola Donaghy
Posted:4/6/1999; 12:56:21 PM
Topic:objectMove to a guest db
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I'm trying to get a modified version of the objectMove demo script to move an object from my local machine to a server. It works OK with objects to the Frontier.root, but not to guest dbs, and I'm assuming there is something wrong with the way I'm sending the address. Here is the example code of what is being sent to receiveObject on my server:

local (params = {"@[\"C:\\Frontier 6.0\\Guest Databases\\www\\news.root\"].news.item"), string (objecttype), s})

news is a table in my news.root, item is a wp object. The error I get back says:

The server,, returned error code 4: Can't coerce "@["C:\Frontier 6.0\Guest Databases\www\news.root"].news.test" to an address because it doesn't specify a valid object in the database structure.

The object does exists, ideas anyone?



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