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Calendar weirdness

Author:Keola Donaghy
Posted:4/6/1999; 6:19:55 PM
Topic:Calendar weirdness
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Mahalo for all the help today, Brent, my "weblog" site is coming along nicely.

I'm having some weirdness with the calendar, though. If I log directly into a particular day, say

it works fine, all of the other days links work great. However, if I log into the default page,

the links don't work. It eliminates the news/nahenahe/ and the links point straight to a date structure:

and of course, there is no object there.

I set the urlprefix to "news/nahenahe/", but when I do that, and then go to another date, it has this string twice, "news/nahenahe/news/nahenahe/" in the URL.

I'll email you privately the url of the server if you want to take a peek.



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