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Author:Joachim Lagercrantz
Posted:4/11/1999; 7:41:20 AM
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Honourable Community and Userland!

Being from the little country far up north where the wolves haul and the polarbears walk the streets, where there are miles to nearest neighbour and where we on top of it all have a language containing some strange characters, I have an humble request:

Don't forget me! I want a simple road to localize Frontier.

1)Sorting I have got used to Frontier not sorting our characters correct: ä -å-ö (ä - å - ö) instead of: å - ä - ö (å -ä - ö)

but now I really want to use features like Sam's suite to generate nice indexes. And be able to skip the workarounds I've done using outlineSite etc.

Would it be a mayor rewrite to the Frontier code to make this work?

2) Accented chars rendered to the web Being on a Mac I often have to change scripts eg put in LatinToMac.convert(something)

Lately I did that in SearchEngine.doSearch, where it partly was done already with a check to sys.os (). Then came Boolean Search and I started over again, but gave up. And I have to walk it over again after next update to the script.

3) Static text strings inside scripts It would be great if these strings were in a table of their own. I would just copy it and translate. No change in scripts and no worry for the next update.

4) Calendar I have started to learn F6 and the calendar. In Europe our week starts on a Monday. I made a change to calendar.draw that solves it, but I would like a pref that where you could state what day is firstDayOfWeek.

Regards Jocke

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