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Suite.root & User.root???

Author:Greg Pierce
Posted:4/13/1999; 7:52:44 AM
Topic:Suite.root & User.root???
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I've been migrating sites over to guest dbs, and modifying a variety of personal suites and scripts to work in this format. As this trend toward guest dbs continues, I'm wondering what becomes of the suites and user tables in the Frontier.root.

I'd like to get to the point where I'm running a stock Frontier.root, and all my code is in guest dbs. I think this is the general goal that Userland is encouraging also, no?

I can certain create suites.root and user.root and work from that for my own purposes, but I'm wondering if we should try to generate a community consensus on what the proper storage locations for non-site-specific code should be. It would make it a lot easier to share code down the line.

I think it would be great to have a suites.root, and that Frontier should come with an empty one that is in the system.paths table. I expect others have different opinions....


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