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Re: Suite.root & User.root???

Author:Brent Simmons
Posted:4/13/1999; 10:21:37 AM
Topic:Suite.root & User.root???
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I'm glad to see you migrating to guest databases. You ask excellent questions.

One thing to note -- it's not necessary to put anything in the system.paths table. (And I recommend you don't try it yourself.) Any top-level table in a gdb is accessible by name.

In other words: say you've created a suites.root, and you moved your copy of suites.states into that gdb. To call states.looper, it's the same call: states.looper (). It doesn't matter that it's in the suites table or in suites.root.

It's worth reading the Guest Database Q&A.

You could run an experiment: copy all your suites into suites.root, then empty out your suites table. Do all your suites work as before? I bet most if not all of them do.

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