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Re: Link (active/hover text decoration)

Author:David Glenn
Posted:4/14/1999; 12:03:48 PM
Topic:Link (active/hover text decoration)
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I have a multiple image header at the top of some pages and to get the images to 'pack' together (no pixels between) either have to place all code on one line or preferably break it up over several lines. To break it up over several lines I need to line break within the html commands.

Well glossSub returns complete [a href="link"]text[/a] links, that is they are correctly started and terminated. So the only option was to build the whole html line, but I needed a glossary patched link to the proper pages to do so. Only when I perused the macro code for glossSub did I see I could leave out the 'text' parameter and get the html link only. (whew)


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