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Re: iCab Scripting [Mac]

Author:André Radke
Posted:4/14/1999; 1:21:58 PM
Topic:iCab Scripting [Mac]
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How do I script iCab to open a series of websites? Using the glue I created with the commercial developers suite, each openurl event causes a new window to open OMM.
icab.openurl ("") 
The glue for iCab.openurl looks as follows:
on openurl (s, openurlTo = nil, towindow = nil, flags = nil, formdata = nil, mimetype = nil, progressapp = nil, resultapp = nil) { «Retrieves URL off the Web. 
    return (appleEvent (, 'WWW!', 'OURL', '----', string (s), 'INTO', filespec (openurlTo), 'WIND', long (towindow), 'FLGS', long (flags), 'POST', formdata, 'MIME', string (mimetype), 'PROG', progressapp, 'RSLT', resultapp))} 

It already seems to do what you want it to do. Or am I misunderstanding?

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