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Re: Easy road to Double Byte in Frontier Land

Author:Philip Suh
Posted:4/15/1999; 8:57:17 AM
Topic:Easy road to Double Byte in Frontier Land
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    The trick is to use UTF-8. UTF-8 provides backward compatibility to ASCII, so you don't have to worry about messing the non-ASCII characters with the standard 127 ASCII characters. What that means is, almost all of the special charaters that Frontier uses are safe under UTF-8 (with one exception, the chevron [«]; but I think we are supposed to use "//" instead starting from Frontier 5).

    To use UTF-8 in Frontier, you need a Mac. If anyone knows a way to translate double byte to and from Unicode, please let me know. You also need an OSAX called "TEC" ( Yes, it's from Hideaki Iimori, the same person who brought us MWU.

    Anyway, here is how to use TEC to make a double byte web site. First of all, make sure you turn off the pref "isoFilter". Then in your firstFilter script, write a few lines of code to convert adrPageTable^.adrobject^ from the classic double byte coding to "UTF-8" (you can write it in any way you want, it's very simple, if anyone interest, I can publish mine). The in your finalFilter, add a line (preferably at the end of the finalFilter script) to convert adrPageTable^.renderedText from "UTF-8" to the classic encoding that you want. Also, you should convert the adrPageTable^.adrobject^ back to the original encoding so that you can edit it easily.<


    Thank you for your work here. I haven't had to do a Japanese site for awhile, so I haven't really researched double-byte languages in Frontier 6.

    Your information is really interesting. Would you please publish your script for converting between classic double-byte and Unicode?

    A crossplatform DLL would be really sweet, and it sounds like it wouldn't be too hard. Any c++ guru's out there who want to try this?

    Thanks again...

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